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Meet Becky

Welcome to Lazy Horse Ranch

I came to AZ because it was calling me. I had vacationed in AZ before with my horses, and I fell in love with the desert. I knew I was ready to make a big change, and it was just an inner knowing that I had, or intuition that led me here. One of my goals was to come to Arizona and start an equine campground.

After several years of searching for the perfect property to have an equine campground, we finally found the spot with grass, and pasture surrounded by mountains, and the campsites were already here. I wanted to create a warm gathering place for friends to meet and ride. Since moving from my home state I’ve found a wonderful group of extended family in Arizona. The Lazy Horse Ranch will be a place for congregation of family, friends, good food, horses and fun. Growing up in Wisconsin, some of my fondest memories are going to a beautiful Campground called “End of the Trail.” The scenery was gorgeous, the company was great, and there was always something going on in camp. Our goal is to create joy for others by sharing what we have for the highest and best good for all involved.

While I was searching for this ranch, I found myself to be on a journey of growth and expansion.One of deep dives that I took several years ago was down the holistic lifestyle rabbit hole. With an upgraded perspective, I completely changed a number of established habits that ultimately has led to better decisions and choices for my health. Since I have completely transitioned items in our home from the food choices, to the products we use, this change has also trickled into our barn. Since we were already on the path ourselves in the house, and switching over to a Healing Barn seemed like a very logical next step for us on our journey. We have implemented a number of natural modifications with regard to the health, nutrition, management,and treatment of our horses, and dogs, and chickens. Our animals trust us and demand “more of the good stuff” every day.

We are currently collaborating with multiple like-minded equine enthusiasts, partners and professionals who have the same common goal. We want to assist and educate others who are interested in natural health options and who want to create a healing barn. We will always continue to learn and promote education and products to help all our four-legged or feathered friends.

Some family and friends might be interested in starting a new business to earn income, or taking an interest in natural health alternatives for yourself or your animals, some may decide to come here as a gathering place to spend time with friends or loved ones. No matter how you come to us, or what for, we are grateful to have the opportunity to be of service and make a fundamental difference in the lives of all God’s creatures.

Take a break, and come ride your horse on a dream vacation in southeastern Arizona!

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