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Equine Campground in Arizona


Camping is just an amazing outdoor activity that is enjoyable for everyone. If you have an RV and the right campground, then you are good to go. But it is an entirely different ball game while camping with horse. Bringing along your four-legged friends is sure to bring you joy, but it sure is a task.

So, if you are someone who loves to camp with your horses, Lazy horse ranch is here to help you. You can contact us here https://booking.lazyhorseranch.com/.

Travelling and camping with horse and searching for Equine campground in Arizona is not an easy task at all. We are here to provide you with some tips for camping and travelling with your favourite four-legged friend.

Let’s get going then, shall we?

When travelling with horses, one of the most important concerns (apart from where to camp!) is how you will transport your horse. You may already have an equestrian trailer, but if you want to take your horse camping, look into equestrian-specific RVs, toy hauliers with a horse stall, or a normal horse trailer with living accommodations inside.

Any of these alternatives provide you with comfort while on the road while still leaving room for your horse. You can even travel with your own horse trailer and set up camp alongside it.

If your horse has never been camping before, give them several trial runs close to home before embarking on a long journey.

Horse camping should only be attempted with a horse you are comfortable with, who is used to travelling, and who is well-trained. Camping with horses you don’t know can be highly dangerous.

Even if you’re planning on camping at one of the horse camping spots you usually visit, call ahead before you go. Some horse-friendly camping locations have rules about what kind of feed you may bring (weed-free), vaccination proof, and other things. Check-in with the campground ahead of time and make sure you’re prepared for what they require.

Camping with horse checklist

1. Carry almost 20 gallons of water for each horse. Do check if the Camping in Arizona ground has on-site water access or not.

2. Carry enough feed for the duration of the stay

3. Get the usual paperwork mentioned like ownership, registration and other health documents.

4. Carry the riding gear, blankets and everything your equine partner needs.

Lazy Horse Ranch

This is one of the best Equine campground in Arizona. The park’s campground welcomes horses as horseback riding is a popular activity in the canyon.

This is an excellent location for horse campers of all levels of experience. This campground offers full amenities, although cell phone coverage is limited. Because this is a busy site, make sure your horse is used to other people and vehicles.

So, if camping with the horse is an activity you are looking forwards too, Lazy horse ranch is the perfect solution. Everything that you and your equine partner need are right here in our facility. Let us help you have the perfect camping in Arizona experience.

Take a break, and come ride your horse on a dream vacation in southeastern Arizona!

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