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Equine Campground in Arizona

Camping is just an amazing outdoor activity that is enjoyable for everyone. If you have an RV and the right campground, then you are good to go. But it is an entirely different ball game while camping with horse. Bringing along your four-legged friends is sure to bring you joy, but it sure is a task.

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Travelling and camping with horse and searching for Equine campground in Arizona is not an easy task at all. We are here to provide you with some tips for camping and travelling with your favourite four-legged friend.

Let’s get going then, shall we?

When travelling with horses, one of the most important concerns (apart from where to camp!) is how you will transport your horse. You may already have an equestrian trailer, but if you want to take your horse camping, look into equestrian-specific RVs, toy hauliers with a horse stall, or a normal horse trailer with living accommodations inside.

Any of these alternatives provide you with comfort while on the road while still leaving room for your horse. You can even travel with your own horse trailer and set up camp alongside it.

If your horse has never been camping before, give them several trial runs close to home before embarking on a long journey.

Horse camping should only be attempted with a horse you are comfortable with, who is used to travelling, and who is well-trained. Camping with horses you don’t know can be highly dangerous.

Even if you’re planning on camping at one of the horse camping spots you usually visit, call ahead before you go. Some horse-friendly camping locations have rules about what kind of feed you may bring (weed-free), vaccination proof, and other things. Check-in with the campground ahead of time and make sure you’re prepared for what they require.

Camping with horse checklist

1. Carry almost 20 gallons of water for each horse. Do check if the Camping in Arizona ground has on-site water access or not.

2. Carry enough feed for the duration of the stay

3. Get the usual paperwork mentioned like ownership, registration and other health documents.

4. Carry the riding gear, blankets and everything your equine partner needs.

Lazy Horse Ranch

This is one of the best Equine campground in Arizona. The park’s campground welcomes horses as horseback riding is a popular activity in the canyon.

This is an excellent location for horse campers of all levels of experience. This campground offers full amenities, although cell phone coverage is limited. Because this is a busy site, make sure your horse is used to other people and vehicles.

So, if camping with the horse is an activity you are looking forwards too, Lazy horse ranch is the perfect solution. Everything that you and your equine partner need are right here in our facility. Let us help you have the perfect camping in Arizona experience.

Top 10 things to do in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most amazing and unique terrains that United States has to offer. The rocky canyons, mountains, deserts lakes, and national parks boast a wide variety of activities. There are different things to do in Arizona that will make up a perfect itinerary. The climate of Arizona in itself is the most wonderful factor for all the tourist attractions. It is a natural wonder in its own right as with hot weather, people come in during winters for enjoying summer at its best.

So here in this article, we will make a list of things to do in Arizona that could make up a perfect itinerary for your visit.

1. Grand Canyon

This is one of the most popular attractions in the United States. One of the most visited natural wonders that Arizona has to offer. This beautiful masterpiece was shaped in its unique form by the Colorado River many years ago. This scenic spot has many different areas and viewing points. The Grand Canyon along the South Rim is most visited and enjoyed by tourists from all around.

Hiking is one of the most looked at activities here and very enjoyable, to say the least. A helicopter view over the landscape is another one of the things to do in Arizona. The desert hosts a lot of natural wonders. The caverns, lakes, land bridges, and waterfalls are all the best spots and a muse to your eyes.


The stunning view of the red mountains is not the only beauty that the destination has to offer. With rocky precipes and trails, the Sedona makes for one of the best hiking spots. Mountain biking is another activity that the mountain peaks offer. This spot is an easy ride from the city of Phoenix and with brilliant views, there are jeep rides too. You can relax in the mystic look of the mountains and take up the road jeep tours for a more intricate look at the red mountains.


Among the things to do in Arizona, biking, hiking and the beautiful mountains are just a start. The state also curtails a whole lot of museums that represent native American history. The Heard Museum in Phoenix has an array of collections that say the story of people who lived in the area and the culture they upheld. Everything from jewellery, pottery and artwork are all put in the exhibitions. Yet another museum is the Phoenix Art Museum. There is a whole lot of art, and sculptures that are laid out from the renaissance period in Europe. The slight dash of modern art also makes the experience wholesome. Yet another attraction is the Hall of flame Museum which exhibits the history of fire fighting and is also a memorial for them. Other popular destinations with amazing exhibits are Benson Museum, Grand Canyon, Rex Allen and many more.

Saguaro National Park- Horseback riding

Yet another amazing thing to do in Arizona. The Arizona deserts are known to host the Saguaro Cacti which is beautiful and plush to look at. This national park near Tucson hosts the cacti and is a spot for a wide array of activities. The unique flora and fauna of the area could be very well enjoyed if you take a hike on the spot. The environment is quite hot and humid making the hike a challenge for even dedicated hikers. Of all the area attractions, the horseback riding trails here is amazing. It is advised to bring your own horses so you could chart your own itinerary with your four-legged friend of yours in the parka and adjacent forest area.

Wine Tasting

Arizona is not all about mountains, creeks, hiking and biking. It also has several vineyards with an amazing wine collection. These vineyards hold local as well as imported grape wine that is sure to twirl your taste buds. If you are someone who likes to relax and rejuvenate, these wine tastings could be your jam. The local wineries you could visit include the Four Tails, 1764 Vineyards, Golden Rule, and Zarpara. Each of them boasts a wide array of collections that you could enjoy and relax with.

Bird Watching

American Birders have been quite on a rise. If this is something you enjoy, then we have the perfect spots for you. South-eastern Arizona is one of the most popular destinations for Bird watching. You could add this to the list of things to do in Arizona. A wide variety of bird species like Montezuma Quail, Gray Hawk, hummingbird, Trogon, Woodpecker, and Olive warbler are all seen in the area. Many spots like the Chiricahua mountains, San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Huachuca mountains, Patagonia creek preserve, and Madera Canyon are all among the top paces for all the bird watching enthusiasts out there. It is said that every birder must-visit Arizona. You might never know what awaits you here.

Desert Botanical Garden

This is yet another popular destination in Arizona. This is a home to varied, unique flora, and fauna like cacti. If you enjoy strolling around looking at different plants and enjoy being in the garden, it is the perfect thing for you. With over 40 acres of land and containing more than ten thousand plant species, it definitely is a long stroll but pleasant during the springtime. As you are expected to walk around for a long period of time, make sure to dress appropriately and get your best walking shoes or boots for the same.

Havasu Falls

These are the most breathtaking and astonishing waterfalls that Arizona has to offer. The Havasu falls are over 100 feet high and have heavy water flow in certain seasons. When you look at them, you might think there are two falls, but it is the rocks that fork the water in the middle. The water down has a turquoise blue hue which is a treat to the eye. The Havasu falls also host the creek canyon where the Havasupai Indians live.


This is popularly known as the Arizona ghost town. This happens to an old mining town which is now abandoned but hosts a lot of shops and eateries. It could serve as a great place for pitstops in Arizona. The area still hosts a lot of ruins and restored buildings from the past. The Gold king Museum is in the area explaining the history of the place. Hotels are available for overnight stays.

Another unique location is the Sliding Jail. The location has slid in the past since the construction and now is almost 2500 feet away from the construction site, giving it the name.

2. Lake Mead National Recreation area

This is in and around Lake Mead which hosts over 1.5 million acres. The area also has other lakes like Lake Mohave which is an artificial one and with a wide variety of activities available for recreation. Water sports, fishing, and camping are some of the most sought-after ones in the area.

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8 tips for Horse Trail Riding

Are you someone who is considering horse trail riding for quite some time now? Why hesitate at all, now is the right time. With every season comes its own spectacular views and fun elements, so it is always a good time to ride your equine partner. The horse riding experience of the arena and on the trail are at two different poles altogether. With the addition of a new environment, the climate of geographical location, trail riding is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You do not have to fret for we have got some trail riding tips for the rider in you. Let us dive right in, shall we?

1. Grasp basic horse riding ethos and lessons

If you are a novice to horseback riding in itself, it is highly recommended that you have an experienced guide by your side for this adventure. It isn’t necessarily the situation where the guide can ride for you, but facilitate the necessary knowledge and principles of horseback riding. Understanding everything from the basic level is extremely important. Something as simple as mounting might look difficult for the first few times. Getting hold of techniques and principles to follow while you are riding reduces the chances of any accidents and increases the level of fun in the journey. The basic principle with horse riding is the right understanding of pressure as horses are very receptive to pressure changes. The pressure you exert on the side of the horse with your leg is the basic setting for directing the horse in a new direction. The tugging of reins a bit helps them slow down. So the right grasp of these basic principles, and way of doing things is necessary before catapulting to trails. 

2. Check and prep for the season accordingly

Horse trail riding is usually a very common phenomenon during the summer months but it isn’t a fast-paced rule or anything. You could take a trail ride anytime around the year until and unless you have the necessary knowledge and idea to tread through the region with safety in mind. The weather check on the day of trail riding is necessary as this information helps you to prep for the right gear and equipment that the environment demands of you. A rain jacket during the rain or having an extra set of clothes if crossing rivers is part of the trail will leave you feel prepared and add to lessen the overall anxiety. Preparing an extra set of tack could also help with the smooth journey ahead. 

3. Choosing the right attire

Dressing up for the trail is as important as dressing up to check on the environment. Do not opt for jeggings, Capri pants, or anything that is non-riding pants category as this could lead to severe chaffing after the trail ride. Opt for long pants that are either jeans or breeches made of breathable fabric. Wearing multiple layers of clothes is always the trick. If it is winter, bundle up with a very thick top layer and a thin inner layer as horseback riding sure heats you. For summer, a light outer layer could suffice and do the job. It is very tempting especially in summers to avoid long plaid shirts but this could help with avoiding sunburns and dehydration at the most. The shoes could be anything that closes off the toes but the most preferred option is boots that are of low heels. These help with the right placement in the stirrups and avoid any slip up if at all. The helmet is a non-compromising part of the trail ride. Be sure to guard your legs with breathable socks before putting in the boots s as to avoid any blisters after a long ride.

4. Use apt sunblock for you and your partner

With arena horseback riding, this need not be a huge concern, but with trails, the wild nature is indulgent. with it comes sunburns, flies, mosquitoes other insects. SO make sure to check the locale of the trail and understand any pests or exposure before setting off on the trail. Using sunblock for yourself and the horse is necessary. The bug spray could help with all the bugs in nature. Horses could get easily bothered by these small flies causing them to people over and because accidents, so make sure to take extra care of your equine partner. Use horse-friendly bug spray so neither of you is invaded off of any fun on the trail.

5. Prepare the right snacks and hydration for the trail

Understanding the geographical condition and climate of the trail will help you in packing snacks and water. Non-perishable snacks like protein bars and nuts are all very great as they are instant sources of energy and keep you full for a very long time. Saddle up enough bags with water for the entire ride. For your equine partner be sure to carry some snacks if the climate is dry and humid. If on the trail there are green patches, let them stray and have a meal for themselves. Hydration pouches are very handy if the area is extremely dry and hot.

6. Carry First Aid

Prepping yourself for any emergency on the trail is extremely important. Usually, these trails are away from any habitation and hence any sort of emergency services are sure out of the way. Carry a compass, GPS, and a basic version of a first aid kit that could help with any unfortunate incidents. Experienced trail riders also recommend carrying a whistle just so you don’t get lost from the rest of the riders at any time. Carrying a durable phone could also help and be sure to either strap them in your saddle or a closed jean pocket as there is a high chance of losing them on the ride.

7. Look out for your partner

The trail adventures are only fun if both the parties involved are calm and taking in the experience. Always make sure to look out for your partner. Understand and feel their nerves. If they are fidgety or scared of something on the trail, make sure to calm their nerves, giving them time to grasp the environment and then move forward. When you are off on the trail, there are multiple perspectives at play. Yours, your horse’s, and then the real one. So make sure to chill and look out for each other as both of you are in this together.

8. Just have fun

Last but not least, just have fun. Trail riding indeed needs more prep and safety than arena horse riding, but do not lose sight of what is truly important- to have fun. Just chill whenever you can and soak in the entire experience as you go. You and your feelings will be permeated by your equine partner, so keep a great face and energy for the horse also to enjoy the adventure.

So for the next horse trail riding adventure, make sure to go through these tips and enjoy the adventure with your partner. As tedious as trail horse riding might sound, it indeed is a valuable experience on its whole.

Horseback riding tips for absolute beginners

Thinking of going horse riding for the very first time? It is normal to feel nervous and anxious for the first ride, after all, it is a large living animal that we are talking about. Horseback riding is a great vocation and a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. The significant point is to get trained by professionals and learn all the tips you possibly could for a safe and enjoyable ride.

So here are 10 tips for absolute beginner riders which when kept in mind you might probably end up being an equestrian.

1. Invest in the right horseriding gear

Just as the quote goes, you need to dress for the occasion. Long pants and the right footwear are considered the most essential for horse riding. The shoes could be anything that closes off the toes but the most preferred option is boots that are of low heels. These help with the right placement in the stirrups and avoid any slip up if at all. Be sure to avoid any extra accessories like long earrings, purses, scarves, or anything that could potentially get stuck in bushes, saddles, or trees. Wearing a simple yet functional attire is the key to moving forward. Last but not the least, wear a helmet at all times while you are riding to ensure your safety.

2. Greet your equine partner

Creating a friendly equation between your horse and you are an essential part of horseback riding. Establishing a good relationship with the horse is a stepping stone towards an amazing lesson and experience. Understanding that it is a living animal makes you appreciate the experience more so than ever. The horse itself could be overwhelmed and the small meet and greet before the ride could ease the waters of both parties. Just extend your arm and let the horse smell the back of your hand. This is often termed a horseman’s handshake and is often looked up to as seeking the agreement of the equine partner to successfully mount him. 

3. Be confident while mounting

The feeling you experience is very much transpired and felt by your equine partner too. So make sure you mount the horse with utmost confidence so the horse is also feeling easy and calm. Most of the time the trainer usually holds the horse still while you mount and hence the scare of falling or the horse moving from the spot could be removed from your system. The right way to mount the horse is to use the left foot and place it on a stirrup. Hold on to the reins using your left hand and push yourself putting propulsion on your right leg so you can mount as smoothly as possible. Be sure to not put your entire pressure on the horse as it could strain him. Just support is appreciable while mounting. 

4. Maintain a straight, calm posture

The best position to maintain on the horse is a straight composure that is calm and tall. The idea is to relax your back, holding on to the reins, with your foot on the stirrups on each side while balancing on the horse. Horse riding thus requires an immense amount of strength and stamina while balancing the posture. A position that is comfortable for the rider and the horse is the key element of focus here. The horse is to be given the impression of not carrying something heavy and enjoy the ride as much as the rider.

5. Tender touches with reins

Holding the reins depend on the type of horseback riding you are training for. With Western and English riding, there are different ways of holding reins. Like in English style riding, reins are maintained on each hand while Western-style focuses on both reins hold by one hand. It doesn’t matter what style you use, the idea is to be gentle with the reins and to always keep the horse’s comfort in mind while tugging or pulling. Steering to either left or right could be done by gently directing the rein and pushing the heels down to the stirrup.

6. Use saddle horn sparsely

It is often seen in beginner riders to overuse the saddle horn for maintaining the balance up there. However, this practice needs to be curbed and a more organic way of adjusting posture should be incorporated. Extend your legs a little more or use the reins accordingly every time you feel unstable. If there is a habit of using a saddle horn for the right posture, there are high chances of you falling over if an unexpected situation does arise along the way. Be sure to learn the right tips right away so that the wrong techniques could be avoided from becoming a habit. It is also to be noted that in the UK and other countries, saddle horn in itself might not be included.

7. Maintain your gaze forward

This might feel like a very usual tip, but for most beginners, the major focal point is on the horse. But this needs to be changed and fix your gaze on the trail ahead so that you can grasp the entire environment and analyze situations accordingly. Holding a straight posture up, while on the horse and looking forward on the trail is the right and optimum way to move forward on the horse riding trip. It is often hard to just focus on the road ahead when the equine partner is graceful and beautiful, but it is similar to focusing on your car while driving rather than on the road ahead. 

8. Be in sync with the horse

This has to be taken with a pinch of salt. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to let the horse do whatever he wants, but the idea is to strike a balance inc composure and the journey of the horse. Be the horse and try to flow with the rhythmic movement f the horse instead of resisting the movement. Be free and calm and sway from side to side as the horse walks and you will see yourself enjoying the lesson much better and also reduce the chances of any falls or accidents. Flow with the horse’s movement.

9. Take it slow

Gradual gradation is of utmost importance in horseback riding. For beginners or novices, it is highly recommended to just take a walk on the horse. Let the horse get used to you, and let you get accustomed to the position, movement, and overall feeling. The need to graduate and move to further movements could cause frantic accidents especially when you are new to horseback riding. So make sure to try and enjoy every single step in the training and keep at it. With time you are sure to get to higher levels of speed and agility.   

10. Dismount with confidence

Be sure to dismount from the house with the same energy and feel you mounted with. Always make sure your equine partner is all still before you get ready to dismount. If you could get your trainer to hold your horse still while you dismount yourself, there could be more calmness and safety to it. Show gratitude to your horse, provide him with some water and just appreciate the valuable experience you just had. 

Take a break, and come ride your horse on a dream vacation in southeastern Arizona!

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